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Introduction –

Buying a product is not decided suddenly, there is a certain criteria of choosing every product before actually buying it. 

This criteria can be anything: A buyer simply does not buy anything. He just decides to buy something when a motive prompts him to buy it.

buyer motives of a buyer refer to the influences or driving forces that determine his purchase. In other words, a buying motive is internal emotion, urge, instinct, drive, desire, excitement,

It is the idea, or feeling, that drives a buyer to purchase a certain product or service to satisfy his needs.

But the question is, what can influence the customers when making a decision?

Well, emotions drive customers to buy whatever or whenever. There is always a buying motivation behind why they choose some brands over others.

Therefore, understanding what motivates or influences their decisions is key to success as it can help in all areas of your business.

And once you know what motivates customers, your team can easily improve on various aspects, such as marketing, sales pitch, customer support responses, and so on.

What is the buying motive?

Buyer motive is the purpose of persuading people’s wishes so that they can buy a particular good or service. 

Buying motive is concerned with people’s feelings and emotions that create the desire to buy.

A person buys a product or service not only because of the excellent salesman pitch but also because of the desire generated within him towards the product or service.

When a customer is motivated to buy, they are motivated by a thirst for satisfaction and operate and operate in the right direction.

For a business, it is always important to better understand customer needs in order to serve customers well and boost sales.

Types Of Buying Motive

Based on different customer types, buying motivation can be of different types, whether it is physical, psychological, social, emotional, rational, conscious, passive, acquired, implicit, primary and selective.

When customers play to buy something they want value and a great experience. That’s why your business should always focus on motivating them to take action because that’s the only way to increase sales.

Equally important is the customer’s buying delights, motivators, interests and preferences that can contribute to influencing their decisions.

Different motivations affect people at each stage of this process:

different motivation types
Different motivation types

1. Awareness –

At this point, they’re not looking for anything in particular. They are unaware of your brand and are probably unaware of their problem. An “awareness action” is probably just a click or pageview.

2.Idea –

This is when a potential customer starts to notice you and your competitors. They are now aware of their problem, exposed to your brand, and looking for reasons to choose a particular route. A “consideration action” can be a form submission or a quote request.

3.Decision –

After considering all their options it is time to make a decision. A “decision action” is a transaction or an agreement to act together. At this Point, customers are driven by security, trust, value, and other end-stage contributors.

Here are some top customer buying motives:

  1. Your product requirement 
  2. Want to stand out from the crowd
  3. Acceptance
  4. Sense of belonging for to the world
  5. Constant desire for self improvement 
  6. Achieving a goal in life
  7. Make life easier
  8. Security by acquaintance 

1. Your product requirement | buyer motives –

Most customers often buy a product when they need it, not necessarily when they want it.

Therefore, as a business, your priority should always be on identifying the target group and then marketing the product to them so as to drive sales.

Your aim is to make customers believe that your product or service is the solution to their problem.

Similarly, you need to offer the product or service in a way that shows customers the value of having it.

buying motivation -product requirement
Buying motivation -product requirement

2. Want to stand out from the crowd

A lot of customers aspire to feel unique and special in some form or the other. Not only that, they can buy anything if it helps them stand out from the crowd.

Some of their purchases are purely driven by a desire to stand out from others. That’s why they often buy random things even when they are not needed.

It also explains why people buy fancy cars, expensive watches, or avail premium subscriptions for services as it makes them something special.

Keeping this type of motivation in mind, you need to make sure that your product somehow satisfies different types of customers and their uniqueness craving.

No matter what industry you belong to, the product you sell makes some difference to the customers and also gives them the edge they crave so much.

3. Acceptance | buyer motives

Acceptance, as a buyer’s motive, is essentially a byproduct of consumer FOMO or “fear of missing out”.

This is when prospects are interested in purchasing a product or service because everyone around them is also buying it.

That’s why acceptance is the buyer motives behind most of the fads. Few products or services pick up steam, generate instant interest, and develop rapidly expanding followings.

Prospects don’t want to miss out on the movement, so they make it a point to buy and show off. Acceptance is a powerful motive for salespeople to play. It’s Hard to Avoid the Bandwagon When Everyone’s Gathering.

buying motive acceptance
Buying motive acceptance

4.Sense of belonging to the world

Humans are social animals. There is always a strong sense of community within them.

For this reason, we often end up wanting to own something or plan to take advantage of services solely as friends or neighbors did.

A sense of belonging to the world means customers don’t want to miss out on something that others have.

Similarly, people can buy any product that helps them feel part of the community.

It also explains the rationale behind mass buying of items like TVs, smartphones, refrigerators, holidays etc.

5.Constant desire for self-improvement

A lot of customers are influenced by the desire to constantly improve their lives in some way or the other.

They are looking for products that improve lives. From learning new skills to gaining great experience, we are willing to look for things that will guarantee some form of improvement.

For this reason, many businesses promote their products in a way that indicates making life better in some way.

Your product also needs to take a leaf out of the ‘self-improvement’ drive if your product is to tap into this customer motivation for individuals or businesses.

And if you can meet customer perception of improvement, it can have a positive impact on sales.

achieve a goal in life - buying motive
Achieve a goal in life – buying motive

6.Achieve a goal in life | buyer motives

Be it a person or a business, everyone often strives to reach a milestone to achieve a goal and feel a sense of accomplishment in life.

The desire to progress to the next level or overcome an obstacle has always been a huge motivator for people.

Therefore, it is natural for human beings to seek a product or service that helps them accomplish a goal and feel that they have achieved something in life.

Targets are among the powerful buyer motives of consumer behavior that can always serve as an incentive for most, so you need to target it if you want to sell your product.

7.Make life easier

It is obvious that customers want their lives to become progressively easier.

Customers usually  invest in products or services to get better or see their lives improve.

Some of their buying decisions are driven by a desire to make things better or easier than ever.

Much like individuals, business entities are also influenced by this desire to go for a product that helps them to improve processes.

As a result, you need to be aware of buying personality motivation and aligning products or services in a way that impacts customers on a deeper level.

8.Security by acquaintance

It is natural for customers to align with brands that give them a sense of security.

More than a product or service, they want to be associated with a company that offers a type of security, or that looks to add value and not just make money.

For this reason, companies that have favorable customer policies, be it return policies, refund rules, data protection features, etc., enjoy more trust in the market than the rest.

Therefore, you need to target the personality motivations of the customers to achieve security so that they find you trustworthy and feel like engaging with you.


It turns out that the average number of shares prevents the buyer from making an economic transaction with the company, all determined by the innate factor of the buyer motives.

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