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Your company may be interested in AI chatbot marketing or sales, but honestly, you never know where to start.

At first, you may have thought of chat rooms as a thing of the past, but now you realise that you may need them to promote your customer service.

If you want to know more about chatbots for marketing and sales, then this blog is for you only.

You are at the right place. So let’s start from the basics 

In this blog, we’ll cover

What is a chatbot

How do chatbots work

What is chatbot marketing

What is Chatbot in Marketing

How can chatbots be used for

How do we use a chatbot for marketing

Do chatbots increase sales

The chatbot sales cycle 

Interesting ways to improve sales Automation Using Chatbots


By the time you finish reading, you’ll be ready to shape your chatbot marketing and sales campaign.

Businesses have realised the importance of customer service and what it means to brand success. 

The advent of artificial intelligence has made it easier to use chatbots for customer service processes. 

Organisations can now do other things while the software delivers messages directly to clients. 

As a business, customer experience is critical to your sales and customer loyalty. With the development of technology and social networks, customers are getting smarter, expecting the same from you.

What is a chatbot?

Before we start talking about incorporating chatbots into your sales and marketing campaigns, we need to start by defining a chatbot.

In technology, the chatbot is a computer program that mimics human communication, through voice or text communication.

chatbot marketing
chatbot marketing

These programs can be organized and used in a variety of ways.

Most of us are familiar with bots of customer service and customer life, as well as popular chat and messaging platforms such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp,

When a customer has a question or problem, they will go to your website and connect with the chatbot.

There is no one else in the second person, only the bot, that is, all communications come out automatically.

The customer enters their questions or problems with the chatbot and organizes the information.

How this method works depends on the chatbot being asked.

Some find customer keywords by searching for information in their database that includes their topic.

Why Are Chatbots Important For Marketing & Sales ?

Why Are Chatbots Important For Marketing & Sales ?
Why Are Chatbots Important For Marketing & Sales ?

For Marketing :

The term “chatbot marketing” is the strategy of using tailored messaging to market your goods or services in order to raise brand awareness, increase consumer engagement, or streamline lead generation procedures.

For Sale :

The consumer experience can be improved, more sales can be made, and chatbots can offer products and services in a polite manner.

Language barriers are broken by chatbots since they can conduct sales discussions in a variety of languages, extending the reach of your customer service.

How do chatbots work?

A chatbot is similar to a regular application with a slight difference, which also needs to understand the purpose of the user’s request.

It does not automatically understand the plans of the clients.

How do chatbots work?
How do chatbots work?

The chatbot is trained to analyse and determine the user’s intentions upon his request, and after the analysis, the user is given the correct answer.

A chatbot learns much faster and on a larger scale than a human.

The chatbot feeds on a lot of chat logs and from there, the chatbot starts to understand what questions need to be answered.

What is Chatbot in Marketing?

According to research published by Salesforce, 52% of customers are more likely to turn to vendors unless a company provides them with a personalised experience with 65% of B2B stakeholders in the context of the companies they work with.

Chatbots that combine content marketing patterns and strategies can bring huge benefits to your business, including but not limited to:

  • Ability to integrate content marketing posts in chatbots as attachments
  • A high degree of chatbot personalization
  • High engagement and conversion rates
  • Opportunities for more detailed data analysis
  • High return on investment in the form of already published content marketing posts

Here’s a Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing!

Now, if you are wondering how to use chatbots for marketing, then the next part is for you!

How does the chatbot function in terms of sales and marketing?

A chatbot may engage your audience and learn from the exchange, enabling it to convey pertinent information about your company, its goods, and services.

How does the chatbot function in terms of sales and marketing?
How does the chatbot function in terms of sales and marketing?

In essence, it can up-sell and cross-sell in a personalized, friendly, and interesting way.

What can chatbots be used for?

The above overview of bot types may have sharpened your imagination and given you some ideas on how to use a chatbot system for marketing automation in your own company.

What can chatbots be used for?
What can chatbots be used for?

Once you integrate these bots into your company protocol, you will see your business change in countless ways.

There are many uses for chatbots, many of which are useful for small businesses, mid-sized companies, and even big brands.

1. Provision of information

Even the most basic function of a chatbot is one of the most important.

That is, it must provide information to customers and will be customers who have curiosities or questions.

In today’s anti telephonic society, talking to the boat online is more convenient than picking up the phone.

It’s faster than email, where you can wait hours or sometimes days for a response.

2. Acting as a source of entertainment

Not every chatbot is designed to work, work and work again, like others are designed to have fun.

These are probably not the types of boats you will use for your company, but they will depend on your industry.

Instead of answering questions about a product’s price or a company’s return policy, these bots are here to entertain.

They might ask questions, or the staff may, but in any case, a conversation between a man and a bot makes our people smile (or at least) laugh).

If you are interested in how these boats work and want to learn from social interaction, or if your goal is to cross the boat while asking different questions, you will love it.

3. Scheduling and making appointments

Alexa and Siri are often referred to as virtual or digital assistants because they can do the same as the working people that visitors can do.

For example, you can use any of these helpful resources, bots have a voice to organise things on your calendar, organisation, or program.

You can also make appointments using bots.

4. Increase productivity

Your salespeople are very busy people, and even that makes little sense.

They can argue with hundreds of calls a day and thousands of calls a week, maybe even more! Anything that can lighten the load helps a lot, and chatbots can do that.

The efficiency and speed with which bots answer questions mean they can handle a wide range of customer questions so that customer representatives don’t force themselves.

How to use a chatbot for marketing?

The main purpose of chatbots in marketing is easy to find. They don’t require a lot of memory, installation time, and activity time.

The user does not want to open a survey or a mobile app, just go into a chat with the bot. People talk on their cell phones about 50 times a day. 

How to use a chatbot for marketing?
How to use a chatbot for marketing?

Texting is the number one communication tool in the world.

Whether you want a chatbot for affiliate marketing or a B2B marketing chatbot, you can use AI to grow your marketing efforts into 2022.

The following are some tips to help you get the most out of your automated chatbot marketplace.

1.Creates custom tools

The bot can do anything: assistant, translator, guide, secretary, entertainer. FAQ – Using the chatbot you can configure answers to frequently asked questions.

2.Lead scoring

Lead/potential generation is often one of the most difficult aspects of any business, but evaluating and activating the generated leads, as well as the entire lead management process, can be challenging.

As you can imagine, there are marketing bots that can help you create a path. These bots act as chatbots: bots can ask a lot of questions to find out where a customer can currently be on a buyer tour, which can tell us how they can. (for trade and commerce).

Automated chatbot marketplace
Automated chatbot marketplace

3.Increases engagement

This is something we have already touched on, so during the early stages of your marketing approach, your chatbot maybe your first way of communicating with your company.

This chatbot is similar to marketing because this discussion can pave the way for more engagement.

Talking to a bot is less difficult than talking to someone.

With sales teams, the sales leader may be the same, but with a bot, it’s not the same. they think.

This is best when your bot starts the conversation first, so you don’t have to take the lead.

After all, it can be scary for some leads, and so they can’t get there.

4.Lead generation

When you visit a store, what’s the first thing that spoils your shopping experience? An employee is approaching you and insisting that you need help.

When you watch a video, what’s the first thing that spoils your experience? A pop-up ad.

These are all examples of disruptive sales strategies. Such interruptions can ruin your experience and you may never want to re-engage with the brand.

So how is a chatbot different?

The chatbot may be slow to knock you, but that’s not far from your browsing experience. A small ping and chat window is there if you need help.

And when you need help, you can open a window of your choice and talk to the bot. And with conversational marketing and questionnaires, you can gather information about those leads to determine if they are quality leads.

Enable personalization

It’s no secret that personalization is a key part of attracting customers and keeping them engaged.

Chatbots can also be personalised by addressing leads and customers by name or how the lead found the company.

While some people may be able to ignore bots with a simple, standard hello, it’s a little hard to get past a chatbot that talks to you by name.

Integrated into messaging platforms for wider access

Here they show themselves in all their glory. You can choose any communication platform, with the best results. 

Artificial intelligence chatbots are one of the most popular messaging platforms. 

And it makes a lot of sense. After all, most bots are designed to communicate with your customers, such as Slack Bot and Facebook Messenger Bot. 

Bots are great for using behind the scenes of a company. Facebook Messenger chatbots are great for leads.

Do chatbots increase sales?

Nowhere in the list of benefits above did we mention a chatbot on a website to increase sales.

Is this all you can do, use an AI chatbot for sale?

Just as a bot can help your customer service representatives answer customer questions, they can also work with your sales team to make the entire sales process more efficient.

Do chatbots increase sales?
Do chatbots increase sales?

Chatbots can be sold in several ways, such as being the first point of contact between your company and the lead.

By responding and providing the information required by the leader, road traffic can pass quickly within that space.

Your bot, as it communicates in the most advanced way, can also generate data that can be of great benefit to marketers.

The leader’s interests, needs, headaches, and challenges can be gleaned from these chats, allowing the salesperson to individually chat with the boss over the phone or in an email.

The chatbot sales cycle
  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

You read on this blog that the average sales funnel has at least four stages: awareness, interest, decision, and action. 

The chatbot sales cycle
The chatbot sales cycle

Sales chatbots can play a role in each of these stages, from start to finish, boosting the productivity of your sales force and increasing your revenue.

We will now discuss how a sales chatbot can be applied to each of these sales funnels or stages of the sales cycle.

1. Awareness

The awareness phase is the first and includes the beginning of the customer journey. 

As we wrote earlier in this blog, in the first stage, your potential customers do not know anything about your company. 

They still need to make a buying decision, which may come later if that happens. Your marketing and advertising methods usually attract your company.

Chatbots on company social media profiles (like Facebook Messenger) or their website are some of the things that are most likely to come to the fore when they do their initial research. 

The bot can write a simple greeting, such as asking the lead if they need help. You can also customise the bot’s communication to relate to how the lead found the business, such as through advertising, social media, or email marketing.

2. Interest

 If the lead connects to your chatbot during the awareness stage, then probably only the most frequently asked questions. 

Perhaps they were wondering when your company was founded, who runs it today, or what you sell. A positive experience with your chatbot can lead to the second step or interest stage.

Now the questions that the manager will ask will be more specific, for example, the price of a particular product or the cost of delivery. 

This will also be a time when the leader may decide to opt-out of email marketing or contact the salesperson for advice.

3. Decision

We are now entering the advanced part of the sales funnel or decision stage. 

These are three of the four stages, so the lead so far is very serious about your company and its products or services. 

They still have something to buy, but they are ready to make the purchase decision as soon as possible.

Usually, during this time, the marketing team does most of its work, luring potential customers with information and promotional materials that we hope will convince them to make a purchase.

You might be wondering if chatbots can play a role in the sales funnel at this late hour, and they can. 

First, let’s talk about the responsibilities of a chatbot from the marketing side, then from the sales side. 

By now, you should be able to guess that your chatbot has interacted with hundreds or thousands of leads.

4. Action

We are now entering the fourth and final stage of the sales funnel, which is about to go into action. 

The lead will eventually buy something from you and turn from a lead into a customer. 

Of course, chatbots don’t always do much for this last step, as people need to sign contracts, make phone calls, or sell products in person.

The bots can provide information about other related products, ask the shopper questions about what the purchase experience was like, and even contact the shopper for re-evaluation later. 

If you want to develop your own sales chatbot, it is important to keep the following points in mind:

  • What goal do you want to achieve with your chatbot? 
  • Do you want them to simply provide information, schedule calls to your sales team, or simply do something else? 
  • Can you train your sales boat to ask the right kind of questions and deliver the right kind of communication that can split leads? 
  • How do you set up a follow-up order to prevent leads from exiting your boat sales funnel prematurely?

Interesting ways to Improve Sales Automation Using Chatbots

To get the most out of a business chatbot and enjoy it, you should plan to automate customer communication immediately and see to it that your customers experience a hassle-free journey at all times.

In this article, you will learn eight ways that chatbots can help you improve sales.

1. Reduces human cause

One of the reasons for the use of chatbot automation is to eliminate the cause of human error. 

People may forget to respond to customer information, comply with the law, or respond angrily to customers. From chat, remove it completely. 

Reduces human cause
Reduces human cause

Chatbots for sale can be effective in helping to reduce the number of customers due to personal resources. Performance is being improved and customer complaints are greatly reduced.

2. Best Customer Service

Customers are annoyed when they hold back for several days before closing a deal or submitting a complaint. 

Worst of all, you may not receive a confirmation email while processing or waiting for a brand as a customer. Such action by support staff is perhaps their fault to disappoint customers.

Best Customer Service
Best Customer Service

Chatbot offers a live chat agent for sales software and keeps your customers satisfied.

Sometimes when the answer to a customer’s query is not programmed into the chatbot, the software tells them the exact time when they will receive the feedback.

3. Serve your customers whenever

By using chatbots for sales in your business you will keep your previous customers strong and intact.

Digital sales marketing is not just about attracting new customers; Past customer satisfaction and reviews are essential to the business. 

Serve your customers whenever
Serve your customers whenever

It is a good practice to keep working on the after-sales service so that you can actively retain everyone who trusts your products and services.

4. Always online

Chatbot automation ensures that you are always online. 

The first step in any communication is to know that you can easily answer any question. For many reasons, it seems simple, but it is very difficult for people to practice. 

Serve your customers whenever
Serve your customers whenever

Reasons may include shift, time away, negligence in the line of duty, presence of a large number of customers at the same time, etc.


You need to build the future of your business with chatbots; This will be very helpful and will strengthen your business in the coming digital revolution. 

With chatbots, the area of communication with customers is changing. 

Chatbot automation adds new dimensions to every aspect of a social media business, be it customer service, sales, marketing, or engagement.

Chatbots is an unknown area for marketing automation, but it is also one of the areas of low-risk, high result marketing. 

And as the world moves toward digital, you must have the resources to support it.

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 What steps are you taking to increase chatbot marketing and sales?

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