How live chat boost your website conversion rate

Introduction : 

A website is the most significant source for branding, lead generation, and increasing sales conversion for any company. 

They spend a lot of money on marketing, yet their conversion rates are low.

Across all industries, the average online conversion rate is 2.35 percent, however it varies with each website. You’re not doing too terribly if you’re hitting around the 2% mark.

Different solutions and implementations are required for various websites. 

It is critical to engage customers promptly and at the proper time in order to collect more leads and increase conversion. 

Customers are looking for real-time responses. When prospects visit your website, live chat might be the most effective sales tool.

Live chat, on the surface, appears to increase website conversion rates. 

Help your sales professionals deliver instant sales support and minimize the sales cycle, which helps to boost income, by using the best live chat tool on your website.

The ultimate sales hack is live chat. The reason is straightforward. It’s the simplest approach to increase website conversions without split testing in real time.

Many of you who have attempted live chat to improve leads will not be surprised by this (and save on customer service).

However, for the vast majority of you, it did not work straight away.

Live chat has been tried on websites like SaneBox (which trialled our service when we first started), and the results have been conclusive. Conversions did not increase, and in some situations decreased.

What is live chat, and how can it help you convert more customers?

Customers are looking for answers to their problems and queries. 

It’s a missed opportunity to convert a lead into a sale if they have to send an email or request someone contact them. 

Customers can acquire the information they need from the organization right away through live chat.

convert more customers
convert more customers

A live chat isn’t required for every question a customer has. The majority of online visitors will peruse a site and its offerings without assistance.

Live chats are important when an answer isn’t available on the website or when a customer requires additional information.

Ecommerce initiatives will continue to be shaped by two trends. Consumer purchasing decisions are influenced by design for experience and customized customer relationship management.

In many respects, live chat has taken the place of old toll-free numbers. It’s a terrific method to give value to your customers while also increasing conversion rates.

Key statistics proving how live chat improves conversions

Live chat is an essential component of your sales and marketing arsenal. One of the most important goals of having live chat on your website is to generate leads. 

It not only allows you to provide real-time sales support, but it also allows you to engage potential visitors in a dialogue.

Here are some live chat statistics to demonstrate how the live chat feature transforms your website into a lead generation machine, allowing you to capture more leads and convert more customers.

Customers are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat than one that does not, according to 63 percent of respondents. (Image courtesy of

“Having questions addressed by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most significant services a website can offer,” said 44% of online shoppers. (Image courtesy of Forrester)

Customers indicated the chat session influenced their decision to buy 38% of the time. (Image courtesy of

Live chat generates a 48% boost in income per talk hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate. (Image courtesy of

Why should you use live chat to boost conversion rates?

One of the best instances of conversational marketing approach is live chat. 

It allows your potential consumers to speak with you straight on your website, at the exact moment they choose. Live chat may be utilised to generate leads and drastically enhance sales conversions.

If done correctly, live chat can increase sales and shorten the time it takes to persuade a prospect to buy in the first place.

Let’s look at how live chat can help your website’s conversion rates.

1. Live chat facilitates proactive conversation starters.

Prospects visit your website for a variety of reasons, including learning more about you, asking questions, obtaining pricing, and making an educated decision. 

You may reach out to those people in the right context and at the right time using live chat.

You may encourage customers to spend longer time on the website by sending customised triggers at the correct time, which equals more chances to convert. 

Live chat facilitates proactive conversation starters.
Live chat facilitates proactive conversation starters.

When visitors spend a certain amount of time on a page, proactive engagement is critical. It facilitates their ability to make quick sales decisions.

Let’s imagine a potential customer appears on your pricing page. This is a good sign that the lead is worth following up on, but further details are required to properly qualify and assist them. 

You can send a proactive trigger message to find out if they have any questions about the deal you’re offering.

Here’s how you can use live chat triggers to boost your Website Conversion Rate

1. Implement the following on your price page | Website Conversion Rate

On high-intent portions of your website, such as pricing pages or marketing landing pages, live chat is a terrific resource for lead generation and qualification.

2. Activate your essential characteristics | Website Conversion Rate

Inform your clients about your main features or a new feature release to keep them interested. It makes it easier to see how it will benefit them.

3. Greetings to your visitors | Website Conversion Rate

Automated welcomes are an excellent method to start a conversation, engage clients, and enhance the conversion rate of live chat. 

Returning visitors can be targeted with triggers because they show a higher level of interest in your company.

2. Chat invitations can help with abandoned carts.

The checkout page is the worst location to lose clients because it indicates that they intended to buy something but didn’t. Cart abandonment costs e-commerce companies $18 billion in revenue each year.

The use of chat invitations has a significant impact on conversion rate optimization. They’re made up of short personalized messages that urge customers to strike up a dialogue with you. Invitations can be used in a variety of situations.

Chat invitations can help with abandoned carts.
Chat invitations can help with abandoned carts.

You can, for example, build a welcome that will appear when someone switches between two identical products. In such circumstances, you can assist in making the best option possible, which could lead to a purchase.

What role does live chat play in the reduction of shopping cart abandonment?

Provide a variety of payment alternatives: Alternative payment solutions such as mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay), PayPal, and others should be considered. 

Customers should be able to choose the payment option that is most convenient for them.

Use terms like ‘limited period offer’ and ‘final chance,’ or include a countdown timer to highlight the number of hours until the sale ends to communicate enticing deals. 

They manipulate human psychology in order to compel action.

Extra discounts:

You can entice your consumers to make a purchase by offering additional discounts in addition to the existing ones.

Checkout is simple:

Make the payment procedure as simple and frictionless as possible so that your clients may easily complete the checkout process.

3. Customers appreciate live chat because it is real-time and adds a human element.

It’s difficult to forecast when your clients will require assistance. Live chat software’s primary goal is to provide real-time support to website visitors and clients.

With online live chat, you may respond to consumer sales queries more quickly, and an appropriate response aids them in making quick decisions. As a result, the availability element helps to shorten the sales cycle and boost online sales.

Customers appreciate live chat because it is real-time and adds a human element.
Customers appreciate live chat because it is real-time and adds a human element.

It is achievable with immediacy using a live chat platform, which removes the wait time often connected with a contact queue. 

As a result, potential purchasers receive the information they require in a timely and effective manner. 

As a result, the live chat team has become just as valuable as traditional sales lead sources.

Hunter Engineering, a global manufacturer of automobile repair devices, faced long sales cycles as clients required more time to study and scrutinize products during the purchasing process.

They were looking for automotive lead generating tactics and were able to leverage live chat to their advantage. 

When compared to leads via contact forms or paid advertising, this resulted in a much shorter sales cycle. 

Their typical sales cycle lasted a few months. Leads can be closed in days or weeks using online conversation. Furthermore, sales leads accounted for more than 60% of Hunter’s live chat interactions.


Use live chat software to provide 24-hour support for sales FAQs reported by website visitors and to finalize sales quickly.

Avoid long sales cycles by using a live chat solution that efficiently answers customers’ questions and assists them in making a faster decision.

4. Use live chat to explicitly communicate your worth | Website Conversion Rate

Brand messaging is incredibly important since it communicates your company’s distinct value proposition and personality. 

Customers might be inspired and motivated to buy your product if you use clear messaging.

Having live chat on your website allows you to communicate with your customers the fundamental brand messaging that will persuade them to make a final purchase. It’s the way your customers can connect with your brand.

Use live chat to explicitly communicate your worth.
Use live chat to explicitly communicate your worth.

You may convey a clear value to your clients through straightforward messaging, which will aid them in making quick judgments. Listed below are a few examples:

You must highlight your strongest feature on your features page.

The call to action should be readily visible on the landing page (CTA).

The contact number should be listed on your ‘Contact Us’ page.

To enhance conversion, the event management page could include a statement about how to engage users virtually.

5. Use live chat to automate your bookings | Website Conversion Rate

Most prospects find it tough or require back-and-forth communication in order to schedule meetings. 

After-hours bookings are the most popular. It means that by not having online scheduling options in place, more business leads are missed.

Use live chat to explicitly communicate your worth.
Use live chat to explicitly communicate your worth.

Live chat scheduling is a potential solution for online scheduling. It allows clients to book a reservation instantaneously while on your website by using the chat widget.

Travel firms and tour operators are using live chat to streamline business bookings and enhance sales. When visitors are on the website, online live chat allows them to ask any questions they may have right away.

Lemax is a business-to-business (B2B) startup that assists travel agencies and tour operators in automating their operations and increasing sales. 

One of the most significant advantages of automating bookings with live chat was an increase in the number of leads and website conversion rate by promptly responding to their sales inquiries.

6. Live chat helps you save money.

At the website, live chat provides immediate answers to all of their customers’ and visitors’ questions. Companies who use live chat have noticed a decrease in the overall cost of providing clients.

Live chat solutions are simple to set up and far more cost-effective than other support channels like phone and email.

Live chat helps you save money.
Live chat helps you save money.

According to a Forrester study, proactive sales chat generates a 305 percent return on investment (ROI) with a six-month payback period. By promptly responding to the buyer’s questions and saving a sale, live chat meets the buyer’s needs.

Implementing live chat on a company’s website can increase conversions by up to 20%, according to research conducted by the American Marketing Association. Furthermore, live chat for sales generates a 300 percent ROI (ROI).

With live chat, both the cost per engagement and the time spent interacting are lowered.

7. Use bots to make your live chat even smarter.

Many firms are implementing AI-enabled chatbots for lead generation to enhance sales conversions as chatbots become more widespread.

In some form or another, 80 percent of marketers have begun to use a chatbot.

Use bots to make your live chat even smarter.
Use bots to make your live chat even smarter.

Because many clients prefer human assistance during the sales process, properly balancing live chat with chatbot technologies can help speed and improve the sales process.

 Simple sales FAQs are handled by the bot, and if the chatbot is unable to understand a difficult query, it is forwarded to a sales agent for fast assistance.

Take, for example, Emirates Vacations. Its average CTR for display advertisements was.35 percent, which was an all-time low. They designed a bot to display adverts in light of this. Depending on the page the user is on, the corporation uses different images and bot sequences.

Here’s how chatbots can help you raise your live conversion rate.

When your live support crew is busy or unavailable, AI chatbots are always available to engage clients by rapidly answering sales FAQs.

 You can qualify leads with a sales bot by asking sales specialists questions. They can figure out what the visitor’s goal is and how to proceed with lead nurturing.

raise your live chat conversion rate
Raise your live chat conversion rate

Automate the sales cycle: When you use chatbots to automate your sales funnel, you obtain valuable information about your sales prospects. 

You can qualify them by asking specific questions prepared by sales specialists, and then directing them to sales reps to close deals right away or arrange an appointment.

Bots enhance the amount of business prospects by providing excellent chat experiences for your clients, resulting in a higher return on investment (RoI). 

Chatbot implementation will save $8 billion per year by 2022. Using bots to generate leads is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Final Thoughts :

Every business depends on lead generation to succeed. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, live chat can become a vital part of your sales toolkit. 

The outcomes of live chat may be qualified right away, and it can help increase sales conversion.

Adding live chat to your sales funnel can help you capture more sales leads while also increasing your ROI (RoI). It is more of a revenue-generating center than a cost-center.

Live chat is here to stay, and when done correctly, it can be a fantastic tool for engaging with visitors.

Determine why you want to use live chat: to increase leads, conversions, or customer service.

Create a benchmark using a data-driven methodology. If you follow the steps outlined above, you’ll be able to achieve excellent outcomes.

Please post your own live chat outcomes in the comments section below; I love seeing proof instances.

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