Best Instagram Automation Tools


Instagram Automation Tool can help you manage your Instagram account and get more people to see your posts.

There are a lot of tools to automate Instagram.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the benefits of using automation tools and show you some of the best instagram automation tools.

How does Instagram automation work? What is it?

When you use third-party software and apps to manage your Instagram account, this is called “Instagram automation.”

Instagram automation tools can schedule posts, liking, commenting, reporting, and more. 

Most of the time, bots are used to automate things on Instagram.

Benefits Of Instagram Automation Tools

Benefits Of Instagram Automation Tools
Benefits Of Instagram Automation Tools

1. Improve Customer Services & how you talk to Users :

Instagram has become a major place for brands and businesses to be thanks to their company profiles and services like Shopping.

Automation tool allows us to respond right away to DMs and comments from other users.

You can use automation tools on Instagram to send pre-written replies to other users so you can answer direct messages quickly.

2. Saves Time :

Using automation tools you can save your time. You don’t need to publish your videos, posts, etc every day.

Instead, you can plan all of your posts at once, and also don’t have to worry about missing a message or call because they are too close to their devices.

3. Tracking and Getting Analytics and Insights :

You can also use Instagram automation software to get analytics and insights, which can help you make decisions about your strategy and what to post.

Using these insights, you may know about your audience like what kinds of things they like or do most, when they are most active, and so on.

Several automation solutions let you keep track of analytics and automatically make reports for your social media plan.

Benefits Of Instagram Automation Tools
Benefits Of Instagram Automation Tools

4. Keep Content Flowing :

Using an automation tool, you can make great stuff that will surprise other Instagram users.

With the help of an Instagram automation tool, you can post high-quality content regularly with a consistent visual and brand.

Instagram automation helps you get better at being consistent.

Content comes first in social media campaigns that work.

5. Instagram automation can help you keep up with tasks.

Using scheduling automation tools, you can make sure that your page has new content often to keep people interested.

You can also schedule your posts to go up when Instagram users are most likely to be online. This will give your post the best chance of being seen.

Best Instagram Automation Tools

Best Instagram Automation Tools
Best Instagram Automation Tools

1. SocialNowa :

SocialNowa can automate instagram posting (instagram automation post), instagram DM,reply, & comments.

Using SocialNowa, you can schedule your all tasks, share pictures or videos on Instagram.

Also, you can set up instagram to automatically reply to comments from your followers.

In SocialNowa there is an option of deleting offensive comments.

You can examine all comments & it also has the option to enable full account reply for any & all of your posts.

SocialNowa Chatbot
SocialNowa Chatbot

Key Features :

  1. Easy to create, no need of programming
  1. Provides 24/7 service support.
  1. Endless social media programming.
  1. You can set up a store & sell digital goods with messenger ecommerce.
  1. Automatic comments & replies to blog posts.
Key Features (SocialNowa)
Key Features (SocialNowa)

Pros :

  1. Excellent technical support.
  1. Automate instagram posting, reply, instagram DM, comments.
  1. Use automation to get the most qualified leads.
  1. Send coupons & promotions.

2. Instachamp :

Instachamp increases brand reach, website traffic, follower growth, & also its automated answering services saves time rather than responding to each DM manually. It Is good instagram bot app.

Using Instachamp E-commerce, creators, & influencers can increase their organic engagement on instagram, which helps a lot of people at once.
It is a free Instagram automation tool.

Key Features –

  1. Comment auto-responders – you can answer comments on your posts right away. 
  1. Messages of greeting and welcome – Direct messages that get automatic replies.

Pricing –

  1. Free plan available
  1. Micro-plan – Rs. 2999/-
  1. Macro-plan – Rs. 5999/-
  1. Most popular influencer plan – Rs. 7999/-
  1. Agency plan – Rs. 19999/-
  • Pros :
  1. One Time Payment.
  1. Good customer support.
  • Cons :
  1. You can’t use conditions in chatflow.
  1. AI cannot be used.
  2. You can’t run a business online.

3. Kicksta :

Kicksta uses AI to help people connect with each other in a real way.Because it doesn’t use bots, it can’t say for sure how many people will follow it.

Using Kicksta you can connect with actual users & grow your following organically.

Key Features :

  1. There can be more than one account.
  1. Effective data analytics.

Pricing :

  1. Standard plan – $49/month.
  1. Premium plan – $99/month.
  1. Boost plan – $218/month.
  • Pros :
  1. looks for specific hashtags and accounts.
  1. 14-day money back guarantee.
  • Cons :
  1. Ads on Instagram don’t work.
  1. Those with the basic plan don’t get live chat help.
  1. No smart filter to keep out topics and interests you don’t want to target.

ManyChat :

Manychat is an instagram automation service & business partner with Facebook (now Meta).

Its main automation feature lets you make chatbots that help you automate Instagram direct messages (DMs).

ManyChat has detailed tutorials on how to make the chatbot for your business and walks you through its Instagram growth tools that work with the chat functions.

Key Features :

  1. Make automated chatbot flows quickly and easily.
  1. Like and reply to comments on your content automatically, and send DMs to those users.

Pricing :

  1. Free plan available.
  1. Pro plan – $15/month.
  • Pros :
  1. offer customer service around the clock.
  1. Great way to get to know the people who follow you on Instagram.
  • Cons :
  1. When there are a lot of people, it can be very expensive.
  1. Bad service for technical support.
  1. The Flow Builder is not built and set up in the best way for users.

5. Publer :

Publer allows you to collaborate, schedule & analyze your posts for Instagram, facebook, twitter, etc.This is also good Instagram Automation Tool.

Using Publer, you can schedule your instagram stories, filters, lives, Product Catalogs, & reels.

It can do more than just basic manual scheduling. It can also automatically schedule your posts based on a schedule you set.

Key Features :

  1. Talk about other businesses in your posts.
  1. Instagram feed sneak preview.
  • Pricing :
  1. Free plan available.
  1. Professional – $15
  1. Business – $30
  • Pros :
  1. This is a solid platform with an easy-to-use user interface and just enough customization options.
  1. Good support.
  • Cons :
  1. One person is in charge of adding accounts and managing employees.
  1. At the moment, Publer’s analytics and reporting are very simple.
  1. It doesn’t work with Zapier as much as other services do.

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