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Introduction : 

Do you want to use chatbots to make more sales? Not sure which chatbots for sales to use?

Did you know? In 2019, bot-only chats had an average satisfaction rate of 87.58 percent, and chatbots were able to handle 68.9 percent of chats from start to finish on average.

This means that even if the main reason people use chatbots is to get a faster response, they are getting smarter and can do things that people can do.

It makes sense to be sceptical of a sales pitch, especially if it comes from a machine. But as more people buy things through conversational marketing, they also become more comfortable with chatbots.

So, in this article, we’ll talk about how you can use chatbots to help with sales and what the best sales chat tools are.

What is a sales chatbot?

Chatbots save waiting time by responding right away. They qualify leads while also relieving agents of frequent inquiries to address. 

Your sales force can focus on prospects who show interest in your offers when chatbots create leads so that they can grow into devoted customers.

Top Features and Benefits of Using Chatbots for Sales

1. Do not let language become a barrier to sales.

International clients are already present in 58% of small enterprises. 

As a result, your live chat support personnel may be conversing with customers from different nations and speaking different languages.

Chatbots can give multilingual chat support by real-time translating foreign languages into your language. You no longer have to abandon queries due to linguistic differences.

Proactive messaging can be used to pre-qualify leads.

At this time, all of us have been proactively greeted by a chatbot when we visit a website, such as:

Do not let language become a barrier to sales.
Do not let language become a barrier to sales.

By allowing chatbots to appear and begin giving support to visitors even before they ask for it, proactive chat can literally turn strangers into qualified leads.

Create logical chatbot conversation flows that take into account the client journey and qualify leads for your company. 

Remember to prioritise your queries since saying the correct thing at the appropriate moment is critical!

Use clickable answer buttons in the chat window as well for a lightning-fast chat experience. Something along the lines of:

2. Convert social media pages into sales machines

Did you know that social sales account for more than half of all income in 14 key industries? And we’re talking about some big businesses here, like healthcare and logistics.

features and benefits of chatbot
features and benefits of chatbot

Adding chatbots to your social media pages can significantly increase your sales. Your consumers may get answers to their sales questions right on your social media page, without having to go anywhere else. Also, it can be used in many regular updates price lists for eg. Dollar General Penny List

Here’s how Facebook Messenger is currently utilising chatbots for business:

3. Be available to your customers 24×7

According to research, the most popular hours for online shopping are 8 to 9 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. 

So, if you thought that working during business hours would help your internet business thrive, think again. Furthermore, if you are selling worldwide, you must account for time differences.

chatbot for customer service
chatbot for customer service

Today, a business that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week is a winner. However, recruiting agents to work around the clock might be costly and impossible. 

Even if you can afford it, why not save money by utilising technology wisely?

Chatbots allow you to be available for consumer engagement 24 hours a day, seven days a week without spending a fortune.

4. Use artificial intelligence to increase conversion rates.

Don’t you just adore it when your favourite shopping sites propose things based on your preferences and previous purchases?

It feels more customised, streamlines your decision-making process, and saves you time navigating through a dozen product pages.

best chatbot builder for customer service
Increase conversion rates

You may do the same for potential clients by using chatbots to recommend products.

AI Chatbots may ask people a few questions and provide them with precise recommendations to increase conversion rates. 

Not only will you improve the consumer experience, but you will also gain valuable information that will help you grow a stronger business. Here’s an illustration:

Chatbots can also recommend products based on price category, limiting the customer search considerably.

By adding chatbots on the pricing pages, chatbots may also answer pricing queries faster and improve the sales conversion process.

5. Encourage future sales

Consumer reviews are more significant in sales today than ever before. According to one study, 92.4% of customers are more likely to buy a product or service after reading a credible review about it.

But how many consumers take the time to post a review on their own? There aren’t many.

But here’s the interesting part: 71% of consumers will submit a review IF ASKED. Chatbots can assist you with this.

Encourage future sales
Encourage future sales

A chatbot can ask a customer to offer feedback immediately after a transaction. You can build the chatbot to collect input in a variety of ways, including:

  • Star rating buttons that can be clicked
  • For speedier feedback, use clickable buttons with pre-written responses.
  • A free-flowing text field for more subjective feedback
  • Discounts and coupons to encourage individuals to share comments, for example.

You may also connect your chatbot to email and have it send emails asking for feedback to clients. This allows them to answer at their leisure, which may suit some people better than providing immediate feedback.

6: Reduce sales cart abandonment.

Have you ever abandoned a shopping basket and then received push notifications for extra discounts? 

People travel through the complete sales funnel and leave at the very end for a variety of reasons, like:

  • Additional expenses
  • Delivery is slow.
  • Checkout procedure is complicated.
  • Concerns about security, for example.

Organisations are constantly devising new methods to prevent shopping cart abandonment, simply because converting a potential client who has gone all the way should be quite simple. 

And it is, with the correct instruments. All you need to do is create a compelling offer that they can’t reject!

Chatbots are one way to accomplish this, and they do an excellent job of it by:

  • Responding to client inquiries
  • Providing discounts
  • Proactively assisting reluctant tourists

So, now that you know how to utilise chatbots for sales, let’s look at the top sales chatbot tools available.

Take a look at these.

Best Chatbot Sales Tools for 2023

1. SocialNowa 

SocialNowa is a tool that every digital marketer and business owner must have.

It is one of the most highly regarded sales chatbot automation and analytics platforms for enterprises of all sizes, from small to large.

With this sales chatbot automation solution, you can expect to experience a multitude of capabilities, like Instagram DM automation, Facebook and Instagram auto-comment and response, live chat, and many others.

The International Business Times has ranked SN Chatbot as the number one lead generation service for 2022.

Why use SocialNowa sales chatbots?

Save time, money, and effort: by having SocialNowa Chatbot handle your customer service, pre-sale, and FAQ needs.

Boost engagement and trust: It is accessible 24/7 and uses automated comments and responses to accomplish this.

Increase sales and conversion : Create chatbot funnels that directly lead to conversion inside the chatbot to increase sales and conversion.thats why this is a best chatbot for sales.

Additionally, SocialNowa assists users in finding the ideal product within Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs.

Sell : Sell to the internal manager.

React to support requests

Verify orders, then grow your company.

Most importantly, SocialPilot gives users access to a drag-and-drop visual flow builder, pre-made chatbot designs, an online store for digital items, subscription broadcast, etc.

Socialnowa creates product quizzes, responds to customer questions about the products, and guides customers to the point of sale automatically.

Core features of Socialnowa

  • Automate appointment scheduling and order collection
  • With Messenger ecommerce, you can establish a store and sell digital goods.
  • access to the SocialNowa Chatbot for all time
  • Scheduler for social media posts
  • automatic comments and replies to blog posts
  • Construct a Facebook Messenger bot.
  • blogging frequently on your social media profiles
  • Using Facebook’s hidden interests tool
  • endless social media posting

You can sign socialNowa with a 30 days free trial.

SocialNowa Pricing : 

  • Nowa Gold: $29 per month
  • Platinum Nowa: $69 per month
  • Nowa Diamond: $109 per month 
  • $354.00 monthly for the agency plan

2. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is an all-in-one platform for chatbots that lets you use web chat, live chat, SMS, and Facebook Messenger bots for omnichannel marketing.

The platform is unique in that it includes extremely suited solutions for marketing and customer service teams, as well as clients at the small business and enterprise is best chatbot for customer service.

best chatbot builder Mobilemoney
best chatbot builder Mobilemoney

Mobile Monkey Features:

  • Platform for multi-channel chatbots on the web and mobile apps
  • Tools for SMS marketing, Facebook Messenger, and native web chat
  • Chatbot editor and builder with visual flow
  • Templates for chatbots
  • Multilingual
  • connections with Zapier and others
  • Always optimised for mobile
  • AI bots generate repetitive FAQs and route queries
  • customised live chat handoff triggers
  • reporting and analytics

MobileMonkey Pricing: A non-expiring version of MobileMonkey is free to use to start creating bots. Pricing ranges from $14.25 per month to $299 per month if you require sophisticated automation and integrations.

3. SmartLoop

SmartLoop is the best sales chatbot. You can create intelligent chatbots that can assist generate leads and nurture them with Smartloop. 

The platform also assists in analysing user interaction with your bot, finding flaws, and improving the bot’s functionality over time to enhance conversational flows.

best chatbot development program Smartloop
best chatbot development program SmartLoop

Features of SmartLoop:

  • built-in knowledge base for conversational AI
  • automated devices
  • Instagram Messenger
  • dialogue builder with point-and-click
  • human-to-bot handoffs
  • Viber, Facebook Messenger, web chat, or private channels
  • Live chat assistance
  • Using push notifications

Pricing for SmartLoop: 

The SmartLoop pricing combines a free and Premium plan. With the Free plan, you can essentially just test out the platform’s UI/UX before paying $10/month for up to 1K members. 

After 1,000 members, you’ll need to discuss pricing with SmartLoop.

4. Engati

The chatbots from Engati provide thorough customer service, automated sales and marketing, and intelligent HR management.

best website chatbot engati
best website chatbot engati

Features of Engati:

  • builder of conversational flows
  • proprietary NLP and machine learning
  • Multilingual
  • Web, mobile, live, and social media bots
  • template for bots
  • the administration of campaigns and broadcasting
  • Ecommerce resources
  • vocal robots
  • cellular SDKs
  • Analytics

Engati Pricing:

Up to 1K interactions, 2 bots, and 1 brand are permitted with the free plan. After that, a Professional plan with up to 10K interactions, 5 bots, and 1 brand starts at $19/mo. 

Pricing for a business plan with up to 30K interactions, 20 bots, and 1 brand is $50 per month. If your needs go above those limits, you must speak with Engati about enterprise pricing.

5. Botsify

Using the Botsify platform, a company can make a chatbot without writing any code for Messenger, Slack, or a website.

For larger businesses, Botsify offers fully managed solutions, and its technology is adaptable enough to support enterprise-level clients.

sales chatbot Botsify
sales chatbot Botsify

Features of Botsify:

  • An editor and builder for visual flow bots
  • Templates for chatbots
  • Save user information
  • Machine learning and AI
  • Automated keyword responses
  • Multiple-language chatbots
  • Activate email notifications from the bot
  • Bot voice of Alexa
  • the incorporation of additional business systems

Pricing for Botsify begins at $50/mo with up to 30K contacts after a 14-day free trial. After that, unlimited contacts cost $300 per month.

6. ManyChat

ManyChat is the top ai chatbot for sales. A Facebook Messenger bot-building tool called ManyChat combines live chat and chatbot functionality.

best chatbot 2023 Manychat
best chatbot 2023 Manychat

Features of Manychat :

  • Create chatbots with the editor and visual flow builder
  • Templates for chatbots
  • Save user information
  • Activate email notifications from the bot
  • Multiple-language chatbots
  • the incorporation of additional business systems

Pricing for ManyChat: You can try out the platform with a free account from ManyChat. 

Pricing begins at $10 per month for 500 members if you wish to use it for business purposes. 

There are 7 further pricing tiers, with the highest rate for more than 20K monthly members being $145/mo. Most medium-sized and large-sized businesses have more than 25K users each month, therefore you should chat to ManyChat about a price plan.

7. Freshchat

Freshchat is an omnichannel, AI-driven, self-service chatbot that can be used by both small businesses and enterprises.

ai sales chatbot freshchat
ai sales chatbot freshchat

Features of FreshChat:

  • Support via email and chat
  • Self-service, AI, and omnichannel
  • SLA administration and custom ticket standing
  • Automatic responses
  • The dashboard includes user information, user profiles, and event timelines.
  • Analytics and reporting
  • (New) Use sales and support bots to automate acquisitions

Pricing for Freshchat: Freshdesk offers five pricing categories, the free plan being the entry level. The free plan gives you a good understanding of how the platform works but is insufficient to sustain a sales or support team.

Price after the free plan begins at $15 per agent per month (for instance, 2 agents equal $30/mo), and then increases to $109 per agent per month, which is their Enterprise level pricing. 

You and your team will progress into higher pricing tiers as more features become necessary.


Compared to the other sales chatbot tools described, is a little different. is a platform with a complete set of capabilities for support, sales, and marketing teams. They also have a good chatbot for sales, as just so happens. chatbot chatbot

Features of

  • Identify leads
  • Resolve FAQs
  • Integrated “conversation situations”
  • depending on visitor activity
  • automated components
  • SMS, online chat
  • Drag and drop bot creator

Pricing for is a little more complicated because you’re getting more than simply a chatbot platform. 

What we can tell you is that they offer a free plan and then charge $49 per month for 2K contacts to $1,349 per month for 10K contacts and $15 for each extra 1K connection.

9. Chatfuel

Live chat and automated chatbot integration are both possible with Chatfuel, a self-service bot-building platform.

Chatfuel bots for sales
chatfuel bots for sales

Features of Chatfuel

  • Platform for Facebook Messenger
  • template for bots
  • Multiple-language bots
  • Save user information
  • Automated keyword responses
  • Adaptation to other commercial systems

Chatfuel Pricing: The free edition offers up to 1,000 users and access to the most basic features. Although the pro edition only allows for 500 subscribers and has a monthly starting price of $15, it offers additional features in return for fewer subscribers. 

The Pro plan alone has 7 additional tiers, with the highest one costing $180 a month for up to 25,000 users.

10. Imperson

Imperson develops chatbots that resemble human speech in order to automate as much of the customer journey as possible.

It is a platform for artificial intelligence chatbots that builds business bots for its users.

imperson chatbot
imperson chatbot

Features of Imperson

  • complete creative and implementation services
  • NLP, AI/machine learning
  • services for fully-managed bots
  • Integrations for Messenger, Kik, Twitter, websites, Slack, SMS, and Skype
  • supports text, audio, video, and soon, augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Monitoring and personalization of chatbot performance by the Imperson team


You can create engaging, intelligent bots for your website that serve prospects and customers through sales, support, and automated Q&A with the aid of sales chatbot sales chatbot

Features of

  • Automated in-chat responses to FAQs and API documentation
  • Tools for automated upselling and conversation flow
  • integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, and other services

Pricing for To learn more about’s pricing, get in touch with their staff.

 12. Drift

Live chat and automated chatbot technologies are both used on the platform known as Drift.

Drift chatbot for sales
Drift chatbot for sales

Features of Drift:

  • smartphone application
  • Utilise tickets to manage difficult client problems.
  • automated messaging choice
  • Utilise a chatbot to automate tasks
  • Store visitor information
  • Automating sales and marketing
  • combines with different business systems

Pricing for Drift: Drift offers a free plan without any standout features. Pricing then starts at $50 per month and rises to $400, $1500, and bespoke prices with an extra fee for each user.

Conclusion : 

You now have it. a respectable amount of data to help you decide whether to use sales chatbots.

When you wish to scale up, you shouldn’t feel like it’s difficult, and the tool should work best for your industry.

So go ahead and move forward; we wish you the best of luck!

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