Facebook messenger chatbot tools for business


You might be interested in the idea of making personalised suggestions, giving daily updates, setting up help, capturing leads, or doing something else.

Or, you may have heard that Messenger chatbots can help you talk to customers at a fraction of the cost of a person.

We find it interesting. That’s why, at Chatbots.org, we keep a close eye on the best Facebook Messenger chat bot tools so that you can choose the one that works best for your business.

There are a lot of Messenger apps to choose from, but everyone agrees on which Messenger chatbot platforms are the best, You can post, schedule and grow your brand with tozo.social tool .

What is Facebook Messenger Chatbot ?

best chatbot Facebook messenger (also called “Facebook Chatbot”) is an automated chat programme that uses artificial intelligence to talk to people.

What is Facebook Messenger Chatbot ?
What is Facebook Messenger Chatbot ?

Facebook Messenger bots for business ,live inside Facebook Messenger and can talk to some of the 1.3 billion of people who are using bots on Facebook every quarter.

Why is Facebook messenger chatbot important ?

Messenger bot for business is one of the best and fastest-growing bots for businesses to talk to customers in a smooth way.

Chatbots are the newest, easiest, and most effective way for a business to talk to customers on websites and social media.

Benefits of using FB messenger chatbot

Benefits of using facebook messenger chatbot
Benefits of using facebook messenger chatbot

1. Manage your money :

Chatbots are automated solutions that make it possible for businesses to help a lot of customers at the same time.

manage your money
Manage your money

By “hiring” chatbots that work with human agents, you can save money on employee costs and avoid problems caused by human mistakes.

2. A simpler way to enter global markets :

Chatbots can solve your customer service problems in multiple languages around the clock, 365 days a year, whether you are an international brand with customers all over the world or a local brand that is ready to do business on a global scale.

simple way to enter global marketer
Simple way to enter global marketer

This makes it easy for your business to grow and move into new markets.

3. Sales stream available 24/7 :

Your automated Messenger bot can set up transactions and payments so that people can look at your products and services

Sales stream available 24/7
Sales stream available 24/7

It is also a best buy chatbot because people can buy them right in messenger conversation.

4. 24/7 client support :

Your chatbot will make it easy to get answers to frequently asked questions and product questions with the tap of a button.

client support
client support

You can make rich, interactive experiences with things like images, videos, carousels, texts, and calls to action (CTAs).

5. Continuous lead generation :

Your bot can get important information from your leads while you’re awake or asleep, making it easy to follow up.

For example, let’s say you’re a real estate agent whose sales cycle is usually long. 

lead generation
lead generation

With a messenger bot, people can tell you where they are and what kind of housing they want.

You can then continue the conversation on Messenger to ask about housing availability or questions about the area.

10 Facebook Messenger Tools For Business

1. ManyChat :

It is one of the best chatbots for Facebook Messenger that lets you stay in touch with your leads at all times.

Lets you be with your profile visitors, leads, and current learners all the time, no matter who they are or what they want.

In fact, you can cut the cost of getting new leads by 9X by using the ManyChat Facebook Messenger automation tool.

Facebook messaging tools for business Manychat
Facebook messaging tools for business Manychat

To do this, you’ll need to put a “send message” call-to-action button in your ads. 

 Zapier connects Manychat & facebook messenger integration for sending information.It is the most used chat marketing platform.

Key Features –

1. Allow the bot to send email alerts.

2. With a visual flow builder and editor, you can make a chatbot.

3. Combine with other business systems.

Pros –

1. Help chatbots work with different channels, like Facebook Messenger, email, and SMS.

2. Fit in well with Facebook Messenger.

3. Come with a number of features that support live chat activities and help you make bots that people will want to use.

Cons –

1. The responsiveness of the chatbot that was made is not very good because of bugs and latency.

2. When there are a lot of people, it can be very expensive.

3. The Flow Builder is not built and set up in the best way for users.

4. Bad service for tech support.

2. Active Chat :

ActiveChat is a best sales chatbot, they focus on making chatbots that help your e-commerce business make more sales.

They do this for both Shopify and WooCommerce stores, not just Shopify.

They also want to make customer service chatbots that can help you answer more questions faster and save money while making your customers happier.

Key Features –

1. Shopify and WooCommerce are two e-commerce platforms that work well together.

2. Can link to your live support system.

3. CRM connections.


1. Very user-friendly platform.

2. Cart abandonment tools for ecommerce.

3. Being able to set timers and delays makes the bot feel more natural than many others.

Cons –

1. When compared to competitors with more features, the price is high.

2. There was no follow-up or division.

3. Poor customer service.

3. Mobile Monkey :

Businesses can automate both inbound and outbound sales outreach at scale using MobileMonkey.

It is the world’s leading platform for influencer/creator +B2C data prospecting, across a variety of communication channels, including Web Chat, SMS, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Email.

Zapier sends information between Mobile Monkey & Zendesk Facebook integration.


Key Features –

1. platform for multi-channel chatbots on the web and mobile apps.

2. Integration and handoff for live chat.

3. Ads on Facebook Messenger.

Pros –

1. A lot of tools for chatbots and automation.

2. All plans have unlimited contacts and leads.

3. Building chatbots and workflows.

Cons –

1. Due to new functionality, user interfaces are frequently updated.

2. Because there aren’t many integrations, the reporting is quite limited and doesn’t connect to anything else.

4. Flow XO :

Another excellent company is Flow Xo, which offers you high-quality technology to build chatbots that assist you in interacting with customers and boosting sales. 

They also assist you in building workflows that let you direct customers in the way you see fit and have multiple ways to initiate any workflow.

Key Features

1. Take payments via your bot.

2. An electronic welcome mat for guests.

3. Being able to provide concise answers.


1. No coding knowledge is necessary, and the user interface is simple (UI).

2. Free plans come with few restrictions.

3. Triggers and work processes.

Cons –

1. Building bots is much more difficult than it has to be.

2. No AI or machine learning capabilities are included with the platform.

3. Live chat doesn’t have an easy human to bot handoff.

5. Chatfuel :

Another top firm that assists users in creating chatbots is Chatfuel.

You may easily develop bot automation messages and get bot subscribers using a variety of methods thanks to it.


Key Features –

1. Using the segments you generated, gain audience insights.

2. With the premium edition, you receive VIP customer service and a personal account manager.

3. To obtain results more quickly, you can hire a professional to assist you with the setup of your Facebook advertisements and bot.

Pros –

1. You can learn about your options on the platform using the free version.

2. allows for flexible custom coding.

3. Your chatbot can be made for free.


1. To get the most out of the product, you have to use a lot of third-party integrations.

2. Surprisingly, the platform doesn’t have a lot of marketing tools.

3. With Chatfuel, it’s not as easy to get started as it is with other Messenger bot builders.

6. Botsify :

Botsify is a platform based on AI and machine learning that lets people who don’t know how to code build AI chatbots.

The main features of the platform are live chat, video chat, group messaging, templates, calls to action, integration with social media, speech recognition, support for multiple languages, and reports and analytics.

It makes it easy to switch from a chatbot to a real person, which speeds up and simplifies the process.

Key Features –

1. the bot to send email alerts.

2. Build and edit visual flow bots.

3. Auto-responses as a key word.

Pros –

1. Setting up a bot is quick and easy.

2. Integrations make it possible to use information from a website on Chatbot.

3. Basic parts of machine learning.

Cons –

1. Advanced responses need energetic API-based responses that are hard-coded.

2. No features for multi-channel marketing.

3. Pricing based on how many people sign up.

7. Snatchbot :

One company that is growing quickly is Snatch bot.

Part of that may be because they only had a free plan for a long time before announcing their pro plan at the end of May last year.

And so far, their free plan is one of the best, so if you’re on a tight budget, you should think about it.


Key Features –

1. You can do everything with the free version, which is something you can’t do with most of the competition… for subscribers with no limits.

2. For the pro version, you could get premium support and get rid of their branding.

3. One of the best things about them is that they have bot templates and directories for bots.

Pros –

1. From their Bot Directory, you can add well-known bots to the channels you want with just one click.

2. All channels can be reached by one bot.

3. In the bot template section, you can choose from a number of bots made for specific tasks and common chatbot uses.

Cons –

1. Tutorial on how to use all the features that are not available.

2. You can’t send your users sequences.

3. Interface is difficult to use and takes a while to figure out.

8. ZoConvert :

There is a reason why people adore Zo Convert, one of the players in this field that is expanding extremely quickly.

It is one of the bots designed exclusively to assist Shopify users in getting the maximum performance out of their stores.

But if you don’t have Shopify, don’t let that deceive you into thinking you can’t use it.

Key Features –

1. Bot for Facebook Messenger.

2. Automated communication.

3. Integration with Shopify.

Pros –

1. Increases audience/subscribers.

2. Helps the user keep things in order.

3. Easy to set up and with easy-to-use customization options.


1. Customers may find it annoying to use the “comment” feature, which turns readers of advertisements into page subscribers.

2. Missing templates.

9. Pandorabots :

An artificial intelligence firm called Pandorabots, Inc. provides a web service for creating and deploying chatbots.

According to its website, as of May 2019, more than 250,000 registered developers had used the platform to build more than 300,000 chatbots and recorded more than sixty billion user conversations.


Key Features –

1. Free instruction and documentation.

2. Web-based programming instruments.

3. Web publishing and hosting.

Pros –

1. Lots of freedom and the ability to develop high performance bots are available to you if you want to build your own bot.

2. Open source platform that enables you to own and download your code.

3. Send messages or make phone calls.

Cons –

1. It’s not advised to use Pandorabots to create your bot and then install it somewhere else.

2. You must define your own input/output pairs when using pure AIML.

10. Octane AI :

With Octane AI, you can make the quiz of your dreams without knowing any code.

Full of sophisticated design, conditional logic, and in-depth analytics.

Key Features –

1. Tools for cart abandonment and order tracking.

2. Bots that send SMS messages.

3. Integrations with third-party bot analytics.

Pros –

1. Quite a strong platform with a wide range of e-commerce bot features.

2. Strong e-commerce platform with several integrations.

3. Channels on Facebook Messenger and SMS.

Cons –

1. Comparatively speaking to other similar solutions, the platform becomes fairly pricey to access all capabilities

2. Purely advantageous for Shopify users.

3. Unsuitable for teams.


You may find that starting with a Facebook Messenger bot is the smartest move you ever make.

People who started building their email lists before the competition developed more quickly.

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