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Introduction : 

In addition to being the year of “all-things digital,” 2023 is the year of survival.

Brands are serious about moving their services – and interactions – online, whether it be through online buying or Augmented Reality (AR).

In the first quarter of 2023, Facebook had more than 2.6 billion monthly active users, and in the third quarter of 2020, it had total sales of more than $17.65 billion.

90% of Instagram’s 1 billion monthly active users follow businesses there, according to the company.

Not only that. Over all industries, the platform has a median engagement rate of 1.60%:

Pinterest claims to have 300 million monthly active users worldwide who have saved 200 billion pins altogether.

As business owners, we are constantly striving to remain ahead of the competition. 

As a result, incorporating a simple customer care chatbot via Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Whatsapp into your 2023 social media strategy is essential.

What are Chatbots?

But first, let’s define what chatbots are in more detail. In a nutshell, these are computer programmes designed to simulate human intellect during interactions or chat. 

When presented with the same inquiry, they employ the deep learning process to detect voice, data, and certain patterns. 

Then They use these pre-set phrases by passing them through the network’s layers to produce accurate results (answers).

Why use a chatbot for your digital or social platforms?

chatbot for digital and social platform
chatbot for digital and social platform

The truth is that human behaviour has changed. Customers want 5-star, red carpet treatment along with immediate, customised information, jazz hands, and a confetti shower.

People have historically expected immediate service around-the-clock, even when they are in need of the lavatory, let’s face it!

So how can we quickly implement a straightforward, plug-and-play, automated solution to guarantee that all queries are promptly addressed on all platforms and that we aren’t leaving money on the table?

Chatbots, my friend, are the solution! Any piece of software that does a task automatically in your DMs is referred to as a “chatbot” in general.

Chatbots have also been referred to as the new email, chat marketing, conversational marketing, messenger marketing, or automated discussions.

They’re a new environment to have conversations 1:1 with your customer at scale.

Automated messaging allows you to grow your marketing, sales and operations on platforms like Facebook Messenger Bot, SMS and Instagram directly.

A chatbot gives your customers and leads what they want, how they want and when they want it. You can pre-create conversations in the exact brand voice you use to Speak to your target audience — just like you’re having a normal/ real conversation!

Takeaway Tip : Don’t reinvent the wheel with your chatbot content. Take your top-performing content and leverage it in your bot. 

Email copy, landing page copy, transcribe videos, use the video in your bot and turn it into an interactive experience.

Benefits Of Using Social Media chatbots

Chatbots are the wave of the future in brand marketing. It offers a simple user interaction experience across a variety of interactive mediums.

benefit of using social media chatbot
benefit of using social media chatbot

This enables businesses to create micro-targeted services and increase involvement with user-friendly language processing technology that mimics real-life discussions.

SocialNowa is a customer experience management platform that provides services such as response management, chatbots, omnichannel customer engagement service, all the capabilities of customer experience tools, and digital command centres. 

It not only assists brands in focusing on consumer concerns via social listening, but it also controls unfavourable replies to improve customer experience.

Choosing chatbots for your brand is an excellent CX solution to incorporate into your social media marketing plan for a variety of reasons, including:

1. Customer service is available 24/7.

To save time, they choose online services. However, they can’t seem to discover the correct product or get rapid answers to their questions about it. Companies may easily provide 24*7 customer service with chatbots.

Brands can provide users with information and recommendations in seconds. Chatbots, like virtual robots, do not worry about answering questions and so improve customer experience.

24 7 chatbot
24 7 chatbot

2. Addressing several users concurrently

Every day, hundreds of transactions, deals, promotions, and activities take place on websites and applications. 

Chatbots interact with several users at the same time. bot provide users with immediate solutions regardless of the time or amount of clients. Chatbots are already being used to serve customers by companies such as Amazon, Domino’s, Flipkart, and Taco Bell.

3. Reduced workforce

Chatbot automation handles simple queries and routes selected complex conversations to live chat agents.

It enables businesses to communicate with customers by giving a live chat option on their websites without growing the customer care personnel. This improves overall service quality.

instantly dm bot
instantly dm bot

4. Reduces costs.

Attempting to improve customer experience through manpower requires more financial investment, which accumulates as the organisation grows. 

A firm can reduce the cost of customer service by making a one-time investment in social media chatbots. By adopting chatbots, businesses can save up to 30% on customer service expenditures.

5. Marketing device

Chatbots are an important tailored marketing tool for improving customer experience. 

Chatbots create personalised messages, information, promotional messages, and deals and discounts to assist customers in engaging with their interests on a website or app.

A chatbot may provide user responses and comments, as well as generate marketing leads and significantly increase business conversion.

Additionally, firms may reach a larger audience, deliver relevant notifications, and make brand communication enjoyable.

benefits of chatbots of customers
benefits of chatbots of customers

6. Data gathering

Chatbots keep a record of their interactions with users. This assists firms in understanding client interests and communication tone.

Such analytics aids the company’s sales and marketing. Some chatbot developers create intelligent chatbots that specialise on negative response management. These chatbots assess user preferences and demographic data in order to increase user conversion.

social media chatbots trends in 2023

The acceptance of chatbots for a variety of uses is accelerating as we enter 2023 and enter a new decade.

Nowadays, chatbots are a crucial component of contemporary businesses. It’s interesting to note that chatbots are becoming popular among clients all across the world. 

Additionally, this solution creates a new road for enterprises to open up new prospects. Let’s examine the top five chatbot trends for businesses to monitor in 2023.

1. Chatbots powered by AI are getting smarter

With recent developments in digitalization, data has assumed a critical role. One of the most important jobs for businesses in 2023 will be to use growing customer insights to influence chatbot behaviour. 

And that’s precisely where artificial intelligence (AI) will play a significant part in attempting new methods for data analysis to extract worthwhile insights from the gathered data.

AI chatbot getting smarter
AI chatbot getting smarter

Additionally, chatbot AI algorithms can recognise patterns and develop tactics to achieve customer-centric objectives. 

The knowledge available to chatbots powered by AI will be huge, and they will be able to comprehend the needs of customers based on their interactions with the companies. 

Any corporation would be wise to include an AI-enabled chatbot into its business operations.

2. Voice assistants are becoming more commonplace

For unimportant situations, voice-enabled chatbots have proven to be highly useful. 

As they are quickly gaining popularity, they entered the mainstream with the help of smartphones and smart speakers. By 2023, there will be 8 billion voice assistants in use worldwide, according to Juniper Research.

voice assistants are becoming more commonplace
voice assistants are becoming more commonplace

Additionally, the new trends of voice search and voice commerce are gradually growing in popularity. As a result, voice-powered chatbots will undoubtedly gain popularity in 2018.

Businesses must create a voice-enabled chatbot for their business because chatbots in 2023 will support a wide range of mobile devices.

3. Payments will be automated by chatbots

Modern businesses can use Facebook Messenger apps or live chat to automate easy payments using chatbots that have data security and information protection built in. 

payments will be automated by chatbot
payments will be automated by chatbot

Chatbots can use the information from this quick payment procedure to facilitate conversation-driven cross-selling and upselling. 

A high level of client retention can be attained by using chatbots to update a user’s transaction data, expense records, payment confirmation, etc.

4. Chatbots are streamlining corporate operations

Conversations and consumer interactions have become much more convenient for organisations thanks to chatbots. 

Customers are increasingly choosing conversational commerce as their preferred option since it enables them to shop whenever it is convenient for them. 

Because chatbots may help companies boost their brand reputation and provide better customer service, business owners see considerable value in utilising them.

chatbot are streaming corporate operations
chatbot are streaming corporate operations

Additionally, chatbots are powering a number of corporate processes, such as lead generation, sales, customer service, marketing engagement, and brand awareness. 

As chatbots get smarter using individualised experiences, they also become a great alternative for enterprises.

A chatbot may, for instance, include the name of a potential customer or a follow-up email with suggested reading based on previous transactions. What else is needed for a firm to be successful?

5. Call centres are being automated by chatbots

With the aid of AI developments, chatbots will grow more human-like and play a crucial part in automating call centre services. 

Additionally, automated call centres are anticipated to materialise this year. Here is where chatbots will become more sophisticated to serve clients just like humans thanks to AI-integrated natural language processing (NLP).

According to research, nearly 70% of users are dissatisfied with their customer service encounters (CX). 

call centres are being automated by chatbots
call centres are being automated by chatbots

The development of chatbots will therefore enable you to address customer service concerns even before they arise. 

Additionally, corporate bots will cut customer abandonment rates and increase service, sales, and income while lowering costs for your business.

Without a doubt, chatbots are already used to improve customer experience in common activities like lead generation, customer feedback, and FAQs.

For greater customer engagement and service during peak hours, chatbots reduce human interaction. Employing chatbots with AI is advocated for businesses to increase productivity and efficiency.

Take away

Chatbots have a lot to offer organisations and may make any complicated process simpler. Automation will reinforce its basis and assist businesses in overcoming all of their current issues in the future.

6. Chatbots are giving businesses internal tools

In 2023, AI-powered chatbots will have a lot to offer a business beyond connecting with clients and responding to their questions. 

Regardless of the size of the organisation, chatbots can significantly improve internal procedures. Today, a wide range of chatbot variations are available to satisfy a variety of company objectives.

chatbot small business
chatbot small business

AI for human resources

streamlines and customises HR procedures including hiring, orientation, and training of new employees. Employee inquiries are also answered immediately.

marketing and sales software

Automatically schedules calls and meetings to answer questions from prospects and give them relevant information.

Workplace bot

increases employee productivity and gives workers the tools they need to manage daily chores more successfully.

Content search bot

Users can get personalised recommendations, sales help, product information, fast file searches, and more via the content search bot.

Adopting an AI-based content search chatbot for internal use makes perfect sense because most firms want to improve operational efficiency.

It’s time to develop AI chatbots in 2023 if your company is one of those that hasn’t yet used them inside.

Before implementing a chatbot, consider these key features.

  • Bring in seasoned chatbot developers to help with the design
  • Integrate cognitive APIs, AI, ML, and NLP capabilities to add intelligence.
  • Make a talking chatbot.
  • Give your bots some personality
  • Allow the conversation to include interesting media
  • Give chatbots high-quality data to learn better
How to start making use of chatbots
start making use of chatbots
start making use of chatbots

What to do first to When is the ideal moment to begin using chatbots?Yesterday! Because technology isn’t going away, now is the time to jump on board.

The main fact is that in a year or two, every company will have intelligence connected to its Facebook Page inbox, just as every company today has an email list and social media profiles.

The greatest place to start when building chatbots is SocialNowa. You don’t need to know any programming, which is a nice feature of SocialNowa. 

SocialNowa is one of the most well-known automation and analytics platforms for social media chatbots for businesses of all sizes, from small to large.

It provides a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to develop your bot and publish it live on your Facebook page.

With this social media chatbot automated systems, you can expect to get a lot of features, such as automated Instagram direct messages, auto-comments and responses on Facebook and Instagram, live chat, and many more.

Social media scheduling is one of the primary features of SocialNowa Chatbot. Now you may Post and Schedule material on your social media platforms without paying for an additional tool.

Final Thoughts : 

Follow the aforementioned chatbot industry trends for 2023 to stay on top of the market. When properly incorporated, the trends discussed in this blog post have the potential to significantly alter your company. 

Get in touch with us to find out how you can use chatbots to stay on top of the game.

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