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What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that has the capability of handling and doing better communication with many customers at a time. 

what is a chatbot
what is a chatbot

It is automation software that replies to any kind of query of a customer within seconds. Once it’s set up and placed according to your niche. there’s no need to look back until changes are made to it.

What is Influencer & Micro-Influencer ?

What is Influencer & Micro-Influencer ?
What is Influencer & Micro-Influencer ?


a person who directs or inspires others’ behavior.

The traditional message of complacency and mellowness clashes with today’s influencers, who are successful businesses and affluent inspirational advocates of a go-getter lifestyle.

Micro-Influencer :

A micro-influencer often has 1,000 to 100,000 followers on social media.

They are typically considered as an industry authority or subject specialist because they concentrate on a particular or specialized area.

Compared to the typical influencer, they are believed to have more reliable ties.

How will it benefit an influencer?

An influencer is a person who influences others by their work and for many.

They are even their idols and the person who is carrying such identity must be busy all the time.

As many people are influenced by this personality there are so many fan following of that person.

And every person who is been influenced must be wishing to connect and have communication with that personality. 

How will it benefit an influencer?
How will it benefit an influencer?

That won’t be an easy task for any of them to reply and communicate to every person, so here comes the biggest role of ‘CHATBOT.’ 

A chatbot is an automation service provider software, which is so much beneficial and free-cost product to use in today’s growing world.

What could be a better thing than this, either than ignoring fans or paying a huge amount to human employees to handle your accounts, it is way better to do the same work for free of cost. 

How will an influencer marketer benefit? 

In the age of advanced technology and social media, most people prefer to be more active on social media.

Such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and those who have a mass of followers on such platforms, companies fit this type. for your promotions. 

These celebrities then promote that companies products, these are the Influencer Marketers.

How Influencers Can Use Chatbots To Their Advantage

Chatbot won’t just help the influencer from handling their communication with other people, rather it would help him out in many other things. 

The idea of an influential chatbot was so majestic and unrealistic that it generated over 90% positive user reviews, which was unexpected. Moreover, a bot creates a 14 times better conversation rate among the users than an actual human.

Email is a very old and very formal way to communicate with random or ordinary people. An email has now has decreased its popularity in the market, over email, people prefer doing text messaging and even many big firms and compony also prefer doing communication via text messaging. 

After the survey, it was noted that many people are upset by the large number of letters they receive.

Some even stated that they consider the letters to be irrelevant to themselves.

After so much negativity, wouldn’t it be nice to just use regular text messages instead of engaging in much more complex emails?

Nowadays if different brands have to inform about their products to customers they usually prefer texting. Considering this you can take the help of a bot and set up your bot according to your product and related query. 

A chatbot is the most convincing product you can have for handling your business, after promoting any product by an influencer he will receive a lot of messages related to that product from their followers, and it’s not an easy job to answer every message. 

By involving chatbot into your influencer marketing would be so easy for the influencer to do multiple tasks at the same time.

For instance, you can generate leads, can deal with multiple visitors at the same time, and can gather the desired information. 

1. Be Active Around The Clock :

The fact that a chatbot is active around-the-clock without requiring an influencer to be signed into his accounts is the most important advantage that a chatbot may provide.

This is a significant advantage because an influencer may be targeting a larger audience rather than a specific nation.

Be Active Around The Clock
Be Active Around The Clock

But let’s face it, sleep is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle, thus many potential clients and followers would like to engage with the influencer in their own time zones.

Therefore, the chatbot can handle the influencer’s tasks while he gets some rest or when he’s busy and unable to take care of a client or follower right away.

2. Learn About Your Customers :

The fact that a chatbot keeps tabs on the customer it is conversing with during the chat is another important advantage that an influencer can get from utilizing one on their website or Facebook profile.

The chatbot’s ability to learn more about your target market and utilize that knowledge to communicate with that market in a way that will enhance engagement is the technique’s first significant advantage.

Learn About Your Customers
Learn About Your Customers

The chatbot’s ability to provide the influencer with a report that includes crucial details about potential customers allows you to better understand your target market, which may therefore greatly enhance customer engagement.

You can use the data you collect from your chatbot to help with your social media and internet marketing campaigns.

3. Personalized Content :

Customers that contact you (or, in this example, your chatbot) are almost certainly seeking clarification on some issues.

The ability to give customized material to the client interacting with a chatbot depends on how well you use the chatbot and how much time you spend “educating” it.

Personalized Content
Personalized Content

This is very beneficial because the chatbot will be able to use the data you gave it during training sessions to deliver content—in the form of messages and perhaps links to your website—that will give the client the impression that you are genuinely interested in aiding them in solving their problems.

Another advantage, according to Zang, is that potential consumers can save time and data by asking the chatbot a question to get useful information, such as the most recent news on a given subject.

Normally, they would have to use smartphone apps for this.

4. Takes care of several customers at once :

You already know that you can only speak to one person at a time if you handle your own customer service and individually interact with clients and followers.

If you include additional conversation bubbles, you can become confused and make a mess of things.

Takes care of several customers at once
Takes care of several customers at once

By doing this, you risk coming across as unprofessional and losing clients.

On the other hand, a chatbot can handle multiple customers at once without becoming confused.

5. Authority And A Larger Following :

You should also be aware that by having a chatbot that has received decent training, you are establishing and upholding a high level of authority for yourself within your business.

Customers can interact with your chatbot, which has been programmed to speak like you, 24 hours a day.

The bot can provide customized information and help users with nearly any kind of inquiry.

Authority And A Larger Following
Authority And A Larger Following

Additionally, clients who were pleased with the customer service they received from your chatbot could be eager to share their experience, broadening your reach.

You already understand the importance of authority in influencer marketing, so the additional authority is crucial for the success of your company.

6. Saves You Money :

Even for influencers, sustaining their impact on their specific platforms may be very expensive.

Running a business might cost thousands of dollars.

Therefore, it’s critical to find strategies to cut costs as much as you can in order to decrease your expenses and thereby boost your profit.

Saves You Money
Saves You Money

One technology in particular that can help you save a significant sum of money is a chatbot.

The expense associated with maintaining a chatbot is significantly less expensive than it would be to run a call center with a team of support employees, even if most chatbots do cost some money and require some time to properly train.

Best ways to use a chatbot
Best ways to use a chatbot
Best ways to use a chatbot
Using a chatbot to build a tool

This will be the beginning of your journey as an influencer marketer. The first step you have to do is build a bot according to your product.

You need to build it around the type of FAQs you will be asked with any chatbot. SocialNowa Chatbot is one of the best chatbot creator sites.

Choosing an influencer that goes with your brand

Choosing an influencer that fits with your brand needs to be decided intellectually. To do this you need to collaborate with the person that matches your buyer persona. 

You need to choose the influencer wisely otherwise if he/she doesn’t go with your branding product, there wouldn’t be any meaning of influencing others by it.

Deciding budget beforehand 

It is important in any business to decide the budget before collaborating with him. Thinking about the long-term agreement it is important, to discuss all of this before only.

Building up target strategy via chatbot

It is important to build a targeted strategy, after completing the setting up of the chatbot and deciding your influencer. Also, choose your social media channels that will benefit you.

Make sure your chatbot is active and working properly, make your chatbot a good and trusted chatbot.

Telling a persuasive story 

To increase the popularity of your product you can even tell the story of your influencer to the audience with whom you are working.

This will shock the viewers and even impress them, and this story will have an impact on them.

Design a bot that suite your brand

There are so many bots in the market.

Every bot has its different function and quality for task.

But you have to choose the bot according to the product that goes with your branding. 

Considering the requirements of your product, your selected bot will help you connect with your customer. 

The best way to design a chatbot is to insert some of the features of the influencer. This will give a realistic feeling to the person who is having a conversation with the bot. This is a way of attracting your audience to your product, and they will fall for it. 

Here comes another important task of creating a bot, to design a bot and use it as an influencer. Firstly you must discuss with your influencer, then observe him thoroughly and then start working on the bot. 

Your bot should use the same type of tone, accent, and some specific chosen words that your influencer uses in their speech. 

This way, people who have interacted with your bot will feel like they are talking to that influencer.

Have a watch and improve the performance of your chatbot

improve the performance of your chatbot
Have a watch and improve the performance of your chatbot

After introducing your chatbot in the market keep a watch on it.

Observe its performance, and how it has been working. How are people dealing with the bot? Are people feeling comfortable while chatting with the bot? Do people feel amused and satisfied?

Why Chatbot Is Important For Influencers

1. To scale up your operations :

Chatbots are free from the constraints that human agents have.

Chatbots can operate without an upper limit, in contrast to real workers, who can only conduct two to three conversations at once.

To scale up your operations
To scale up your operations

Through the use of chatbot solutions to support your human task force, you can get the boost it needs to enter new markets.

2. Your customers frequently ask you questions :

If you are an influencer, you receive a lot of inquiries.

Chatbots can relieve your customer service employees of some work.

Your customers frequently ask you questions
Your customers frequently ask you questions

Chatbots can screen client calls by serving as the initial point of contact, diverting them to human agents only when necessary.

3. You offer a number of essentially identical goods or services

Your customers might require assistance in choosing the appropriate product if you are selling goods and services that are close substitutes for one another. 

You offer a number of essentially identical goods or services
You offer a number of essentially identical goods or services

When purchasing pricey items like cellphones, camera accessories, etc., customers also seek guidance.

Customers can get the proper product or service with the help of chatbots.

4. You cater to millennial customers :

Millennials don’t make impulsive purchases.

Before making a purchase, they want to research and compare products. Additionally, live chat is preferred by millennials over phone calls.

You cater to millennial customers
You cater to millennial customers

Thus, if the target market for your product lines is the Millennial generation, integrating chatbots into your customer care would be a wise investment.

5. You are actively using online channels to sell your material :

Your customer base will grow as a result of your increased interaction with them. 

You are actively using online channels to sell your material
You are actively using online channels to sell your material

Chatbots can be effective in helping you streamline some processes if you connect with your clients through online channels.

6. You’re looking for a platform for interactive marketing :

Chatbots do not give a passive user experience, in contrast to apps and web pages.

Chatbots are useful for creating highly interactive marketing campaigns. 

You’re looking for a platform for interactive marketing
You’re looking for a platform for interactive marketing

Additionally, since chatbots are available on platforms like Facebook Messenger, you may communicate with many individuals at once.

7. Automate content promotion :

Every influencer understands all too well how time-consuming it is to share new material with their online audience.

The management of social media is not for the timid.

 Automate content promotion
Automate content promotion

You need to Tweet, Instagram, add it to your Stories, and make a Snap once you’ve submitted content to Facebook.

You’ll then probably have to start from scratch.

8. Increase reach and following :

Including chatbots in your social media management plan guarantees that messages are sent out and answered.

Increase reach and following
Increase reach and following

By continuously answering and never leaving a consumer waiting, chatbots can boost customer interaction.

9. Continue work while you’re not in the office :

Certainly, the term “office” is a relative one for a micro-influencer.

People sometimes have the misconception that they spend the majority of their time working while lounging on a beach in the summer or snuggled up in a comforter during the winter.

Continue work while you’re not in the office
Continue work while you’re not in the office

Wherever their office is, a chatbot is there to handle things when they can’t work and respond to customer inquiries.

10. Data collection :

The influencers can better personalize their products to their most devoted clients by gathering information about them using chatbots.

Data collection
Data collection


Chatbot Technology Come a Long Way in a short amount of time, With tools like SocialNowa, it just got a lot easier to set up the chatbot and see your business grow in automation.

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