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Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence that can stimulate a conversation through text, photos, videos, etc. Chatbot are very basic, they can respond in a simple single-line conversation and even a complex question if required. Chatbots In Your Business is very beneficial.

They can respond to any kind of query if the programming is done accordingly already.

 This programming needs to be done only once according to the type of questions that could be asked that are FQA, and the rest chatbot will handle it. No other interceding will be done by any other device. 

Chatbots In Your Business are like a time saver as well as a money saver for any small or big business, they can be used in a very appropriate way to grow and handle a business.  

There are many ways through which a business can grow via the use of a chatbot, some are following:

1. One Time Setting

A chatbot is an AI software tool, it needs one-time planned programming to be done to operate. Once that is done it doesn’t need to be rechecked to look if it is working properly or not.

It’s just like a one-time investment, once you have invested your time and planned everything accordingly, you don’t have to look back for the same type of query again.

This will save time as well as the frustration of the employed who has been asked the same questions 10 times a day.

2. Available 24/7

Available 24/7
Available 24/7

Working hours for any human cannot extend up to more than 10 hours. After a certain time, he will need rest to work efficiently tomorrow. 

An employee can’t be available all the time to represent a company and related query, on behalf of his work chatbot is the best replacement.

Not necessarily a chatbot can solve all queries of a normal human, no one can predict what a human can ask next, but a chatbot can at least solve basic questions and be available for customer care.

One that cant be answered by the bot will transfer to the employee, which he can answer the next day.   

3. Increase Customers Engagement 

Using social media tools for businesses has resulted in the tremendous growth of the company. 

After research, it was found that companies that are featured on various social media platforms perform better in their business. Social networking sites can give any business, small or large, a boost, you need to know how to use them to the full.

As chatbots are Because chatbots are AI software operators. Chatbot can handle any situation much better than a normal human brain. They will suggest many options to the customer that will help them with further queries. 

Many times it can happen that the person calling with a query is not answered due to busy lines or perhaps due to the unavailability of an employee, but this will not happen here, the chatbot will respond quickly in a matter of seconds. This will save the customer and leave him satisfied.

4. Easy Access To World

Language often becomes a major barrier in companies.

A person is not able to understand or able to communicate with the other person having different linguistic background. 

This problem could be solved with the help of a chatbot. Chatbots have multiple language options so all over world people connect with a business. 

And one of the most important function in chatbot is available to everyone 24/7 to answer anyone’s call from anywhere.

That’s the point of a chatbot, it does and facilitates any job that helps not to leave a customer dissatisfied.

5. Cost Saving

Chatbots In Your Business are the cheapest and most cost-saving tool. They are full-functioning chatbots, they are better to use for different tasks than appointing a person. 

They are available ready-made if that’s the issue.

Many chatbot applications such as SocialNowa | Your Marketing and Automation Partner can make that workload easy. SocialNowa chatbot has a better option available. 

Chatbot automation is a very beneficial tool since they can respond to many customers at a time. 

They even make errors as humans do. They will respond to what has been programmed in it already.

There are very few chances of making an error or not at all in communicating.

6. No Human Interaction

Sometimes a customer feels uncomfortable having a direct conversation with a human. they may think that that person might judge him. 

This won’t be the matter here as there will be no direct interaction with humans, but with an AI who acts more or like humans.

Sometimes it might happen that an employee is trying to deliver something else and the person receiving the call might get some wrong idea. This can lead to losing a good customer and representing the company the wrong way in the market.

It also happens that sometimes the employee is not in the mood of talking with anyone or having a bad day, that frustration he might remove on the customer. 

7.What Your Business And Your Customer Will Be Benefited With


  • As there will be continuous engagement from the company’s side and there will be no buffer, or any waiting list for any of the customers serviced. This will leave a customer satisfied.
  • Availability of service all the time, regardless of different times at different places. Services will be available 24/7.
  • No barrier of any language, all the people around the world of different linguistic languages can connect and have conversations by a chatbot. 
  • Saving the employee cost and not paying extra money for extra working hours.


  • Available all the time, so not a need to make an appointment or wait for your turn.
  • Ask relevant questions and not talk about irrelevant things.
  • Talk properly and not in an arrogant way.
  •  You can understand different languages, don’t worry if you can’t speak any language other than your mother tongue.
  •  No need for direct interaction with humans.


Chatbot not only represents the company in an advanced way, but it is also the most prominent technology within this advancement.

It helps to gain customer trust and retain a customer to the company, ensure a great customer experience and differentiate your business from other businesses.

In the advanced world going with advancement is a way of growing your business and taking it to the top. A chatbot can be that medium of helping you and your business in achieving that goal. 

With tools like SocialNowa, it just got a lot easier to set up the chatbot and see your business grow in automation.

Now you can also avail 30 days Free Trial of SocialNowa with simple and Sign up and use it for your businesses.

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