what is drip marketing
What is Drip Marketing? The Marketer’s Guide to Drip Campaigns and Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing, email list expansion, lead generation, lead conversion, and increased sales and revenue may all be accomplished with the help of drip campaigns. You and the customer can both benefit from using an email marketing channel to grow your

Best Practices to Improve Your Campaigns (Email Marketing)
Best Practices to Improve Your Campaigns (Email Marketing)

One of the most efficient techniques for owners of ecommerce stores to increase sales is by far email marketing. As one of the few marketing platforms where your audience is yours and you didn’t pay to reach them, they have

improve customer responce time
8 Proven Ways to Improve Customer Response Time

 Introduction The average time it takes your company’s support team to respond to a customer’s, a request or complaint ticket via contact form email, social media DM, live chat, or any other channel is known as customer service response time.

Customer Complaints |They Are Important For Business?
Customer Complaints |They Are Important For Business?

Introduction Allow your consumers to choose from a variety of options. No matter what industry you’re in or how good your product is, you can expect at least a few complaints. While complaints are unpleasant to hear, they can present

8 Ways to Provide Personalized Customer Service (SocialNowa)
How To Provide Personalized Customer Service (8 Ways)

Introduction: Over the last decade, two of the most notable trends have emerged: personalization and high-quality customer service. Personalized content is everywhere you look: In the adverts you see on social media, the videos you’re recommended on YouTube, and even

Best Practices to Generate Sales
Best Practices to Generate Sales

For small enterprises and large corporations alike, conversion rate improvement has been a difficulty. People visit the website, examine the product, and leave a review, but they do not purchase. Why? There could be a variety of explanations for this.

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