Hide Comment After Reply

Do you have any idea how many of your customers your competitors are stealing away? Yes, your competitors are always checking out your page, and some of them even send you direct messages when they are commenting on your posts. When you have finished responding to a comment, hide it so that no one else may view it. This will prevent your consumers from using your ideas without your permission. You may find this setting on the full-page auto reply campaign page and the post-wise auto reply campaign page, both of which are located below this section. Simply turning it on will result in the comment left by your consumer being concealed. That particular comment will be hidden from view for everyone else moving forward.


Even if you choose to hide a remark from a post on your page, the author of the comment, any friends they have, and the administrator of the page will still be able to see the comment. It is not possible to hide administrative remarks. When you delete a remark from a post on your page, the comment will be removed from the post in a way that cannot be recovered.

Hide/Delete Unwanted Comments #

Both the full-page auto reply campaign page and the post-by-post auto reply campaign page have a setting titled “What do you want regarding offensive comments?” You can find this setting on both of these campaign pages. You have the option of hiding them, deleting them, or leaving them alone, depending on your preferences. If you decide to delete or hide them, you will be required to enter the keywords that you consider to be objectionable, each of which must be separated by a comma. If you select this option, any remark that contains any language that could be considered offensive will either be hidden or deleted automatically. Additionally, you have the option of sending an email message to the user whose remark was removed.

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